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Get top dollar for your vehicle by consigning it!  We will list, market and sell any vehicle that meets our market needs. Under consignment, your vehicle will be listed in all relevant internet publications and placed in our dealership inventory.

Over 22,000 vehicles commute past our inventory, and your consigned vehicle, every day. With business hours 7 days a week, our sales team is always ready to sell your car. If we can't sell your vehicle, you pay $0!

Why consign with Monza Car

Selling your car on your own can be a daunting task. From advertising to dealing with potential buyers who waste you time test-driving, low-ball negotiations with strangers at your home and everything else in between - putting your car up for sale can be a big undertaking.

* We've sold over 10,000 vehicles.
* We offer buyers flexibility and financing options.
* We accept trade-ins.
* We handle all the DMV and paperwork related details.
* You can get started today!

GUARANTEED SALE - Fill out the Consignment Application or Call 760-660-3300 to get started!



  1. Meeting strangers alone.
  2. Wasting time with low-ballers.
  3. Unnecessary test drives.
  4. Potential payment scams.
  5. Negotiating with strangers.
  6. Liability of selling your own vehicle.
  7. Dealing with DMV paperwork.
  8. Paying off the bank, processing the title. 
  9. Paying for smog, detail and advertising.
  10. Prospects offering you a vehicle to trade.
  1. Expert market pricing and advertising.
  2. Experienced negotiation and sales.
  3. Liability mitigation & seller protection.
  4. Various financing options for buyers.
  5. No hidden fees or surprises.
  6. Saying YES or NO to offers.
  7. Auto Desert handling all test-drives.
  8. Payoff and processing on your behalf.
  9. Armed response & 24/7 recorded showroom.
  10. Hassle free & peace of mind process.

Selling your car on your own can be a daunting task. From advertising to dealing with potential buyers who waste you time test-driving, low-ball negotiations with strangers at your home and everything else in between - putting your car up for sale can be a big undertaking.

The proven and most hassle-free approach to selling your car while getting top dollar is to put it on consignment with Auto Desert Motorcars. 


By consigning your car with us, you’ll enjoy all the perks that our dealership offers to our consignors:


  • Vehicle Preparation
    A first impression is important, whether it be in our showroom or online. When you bring your car to us, we professionally detail your vehicle and ensure it is showroom ready. We will also have your car smogged and safety tested to prepare it for a potential buyer. 
  • Advertising
    We aggressively advertise online through major search engines and targeted high-traffic sites like AutoTrader,, and Craigslist. We professionally photograph your vehicle, showcasing special features of your car, and use the high-resolution photographs in all our advertising. 
  • The Sales Process
    Our professional staff will schedule test-drive appointments for your vehicle, answer questions that buyers may have, and handle the whole negotiation process. We understand that everyone wants the best deal, and we will bring all reasonable offers to you. 
  • Finance Options
    Over 70% of cars sold are financed. With our low interest rates and partnerships with large national banks to secure financing, we make purchasing your car more attractive and feasible for buyers. 
  • Legal Paperwork
    We handle all the legal and financial paperwork after closing the deal for you. You are immediately released from liability and you receive your payment quickly.



We’re so confident in our reputation, marketing and knowledge - we guarantee: 

We’ll sell your car or you won’t pay a dime!

Even if your vehicle is a lease or you owe money to the bank - NO PROBLEM!
Call us before you trade in your vehicle or list it yourself.






To get started, schedule an appointment by calling 760-660-3300 or simply fill out the Consignment Form and we'll contact you within 4 business hours. 



Conducting an accurate appraisal of the vehicle is a crucial step of the process. This is where we look over the vehicle. You'll be asked questions regarding the history, service records (if any) and title or lien information. Once we assess the condition of your vehicle, we move on the evaluating the price based on market conditions which take many factors into consideration such as; supply & demand, value (price/mileage/options) and shelf life (how long we estimate the vehicle will take to sell). We will also offer you a "Buy Now" price by request if you choose to sell your vehicle on the spot. 



We strongly believe that if we can't sell your car, you shouldn't pay a dime! We offer two fee structures. Net Payout / Commission Of Sale (Contact us for more information). 



Once the consignment contract is signed, we detail, inventory and photograph your vehicle in high resolution. Your vehicle is then uploaded into our website and advertised though various internet sites, local newspapers and any other marketing partnership outlets we choose to utilize. A CARFAX REPORT will be provided by Auto Desert Motorcars for your vehicle at no cost to you or the potential buyer. Our marketing approach offers much greater visibility and broader access to buyers than selling the vehicle yourself or through a traditional dealership (Ask us why).

Here's an email we received this summer from a gentleman in Florida:



Our consignors have found that one of the biggest benefits of consigning their vehicle with Auto Desert Motorcars if our handling of the entire sales transaction. We handle all phone, internet and walk-in leads, test drives, negotiations, financing and DMV processing. Our consignors enjoy not having to negotiate with strangers at their home or prospects who can't afford the vehicle. Handling over the transaction to us, you can rest assured to stay protected from all online frauds that are all too common in the private sector of car sales. All you have to do is say YES or NO when we call or email you an offer and then pick up the CHECK.  




Go to Consignment Application >






What documents do I need to consign my car with you?
We need a copy of your driver’s license, the registration and a COPY of the title if you have it. We will also need to know if you owe a balance on your vehicle, name of the lender and account number.


How long does it normally take you to sell my car?
Usually with our recommended pricing based on live market data, on an average, it takes around 2 to 7 weeks. We find that if your vehicle is priced competitively it will sell much quicker.


My car was in an accident, can I still consign it with you?
Yes, as long as it was a minor accident and was professionally repaired. If a Carfax report does not address a concern, we will take the vehicle to our mechanic for an inspection.


Can I consign my car with you if it has a branded title (salvage, fire, flood, etc.)?

No, we don’t sell vehicles that have branded titles.


How soon do I get paid after you sell my vehicle?

If there are no lines on your vehicle and you have the title, payment is usually the same day or within 48 hours. If we are paying off your lien we must first get the title from your lender before we can process the payment.


What if someone offers less than what I want for my vehicle?
We bring all offers to you and you can accept or decline them. We do screen the offers and won’t bring you anything that isn’t a reasonable offer, or an offer the prospect can not afford.


What happens if my vehicle doesn’t sell during the consignment period?

Since we have ZERO consignment fees if the vehicle does not sell, you can pick it up or we can re-list at no cost.*


What happens if you don’t get any calls or interest on my vehicle?
If your vehicle isn’t generating any calls or emails we will advise you on what we believe should be done to get more interest. We monitor our responses every other day and will let you know what’s going on with your vehicle in the market place.


My car has altered mileage or TMU (True Mileage Unknown) can you sell it for me?
No, we don’t sell any vehicles with unverifiable mileage.


I am moving out of the State or the Country, can I consign my car with you?
Yes. We often help people sell their vehicles who are moving out of the area. We need a way to contact you with any offers and a forwarding address to send the final paper work to you.


I have a lien/loan/lease on my car, do I have to pay it off myself?
No, we will call and get a 10-day payoff and make the payoff for you. We will pay the vehicle off within 72 hours after it is sold. 


What happens if I decide I want to sell my car myself before the consignment agreement has expired?
As long as there are no pending sales on your vehicle we will terminate your agreement. All advertising and reconditioning fees will be billed at cost.


Can I cancel the insurance on my car when I consign it with you?
Even though our insurance protects your vehicle as long as it is on consignment with us, we still recommend you keep your vehicle insured until it is sold.


Do I have to get my car ready for sale by detailing it and getting a safety inspection?
No, we take care of all of this. We have certified technicians and detailers we trust to take care of your vehicle Just drop off the keys and we will handle everything for you.


Do I have control over saying what final price my car will sell for?
Absolutely! When we call with an offer, and you can accept it, counter offer or decline it.


Can I just stop in anytime and consign my vehicle with you?
It is always best to call or email us and set up an appointment.